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About Me

I was born in Quebec city, and have since moved to Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta.

I was a teenager who didn’t have much interest in studying. I have always loved taking care of animals, and I have been a farrier for several years. I love the precious and unique contact with the animal.

I completed a DEC in Arts, and more schooling in graphic arts. I have worked as an illustrator, muralist and graphic designer. I created illustrations for different projects as well as children’s clothing.

Over the years, I have developed a style through other passions such as French gastronomy and beekeeping. One day, I fell in love with creativity and art production. I enjoy painting with different mediums, creation all kind of illustrations and the start of writing my first children’s book.

I live in Alberta with my husband, cat, dog, chickens, bees, sheep and horses.

To the right you’ll find a gallery of some of my artwork. From animals to children’s books and beyond, I’m passionate about bringing art to life. 

If you’re in the market for custom art, whether for yourself or someone you love, please reach out anytime and let’s chat!

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